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The HK300, the midsize heater of the Heat King family, is now available in LP/NG. This unit is designed for any contractor. Quiet, compact and efficient, yet powerful enough to thaw ground, cure concrete or provide temporary heat for up to four new home sites at once.


Ground Thawing Capacity
5,600 ft²
Concrete Curing Capacity
11,200 ft²
Temporary Heating Capacity
12,000 ft²
Heater Capacity
314,000 BTUH (NG), 311,000 BTUH (LP)
Field Hoses
4 - 700 ft
Run Time
3 days +
Length (From Hitch)
13 in
80 in
80 in
Manifolds (Supply & Return)
4 - 5/8" & 1 - 1 1/4" quick connect
Electrical Requirements
2 - 120V AC 20A Circuit
Glycol Tank Capacity
Fuel Tank Capacity
Weight (Fuel Tank Full/Empty)
4,700 lbs

User Friendly Controls

The control panel features large, easy to use switches, digital supply and return temperature controls with warning and operation lights for all components. The entire system is protected by a ground fault interrupt breaker, a large emergency stop button, and is CSA certified for safety assurance.

Propane or Natural Gas Fired

The HK 300 is now available in Propane and Natural Gas set-ups. These clean burning fuels are even more reliable than the legendary oil fired Heat King systems. Because of their quiet operation they are perfectly suited for residential applications. For even more versatility the burner assemblies can be quickly changed from one to the other.

The HK 300 LP/NG features Double Loop Technology

By using shorter hoses, more fluid, and higher efficiency pumps with increased flow, the Heat King provides more consistent temperature to the field for better concrete curing and ground thawing results.