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Heat King Division of Tamarack Industries, a Family owned business (formerly Crown Construction Equipment) has been supporting the construction industry since 1995. Since then, Heat Kings have been used for ground thawing, concrete curing, and space heating in the rental, construction, and the resource sectors throughout the United States and Canada

We work hard to earn our reputation as a company that delivers heating solutions that are reliable, simple and safe to operate.


We respect our customers’ investment in Heat King products and strive to ensure that they get the best return in the industry.

We are continuously working on improving our products so that they are ever more efficient and economical to operate and maintain. We understand the cost of down time and on site tech support, so we strive to increase periods between maintenance requirements, ensure that common replacement parts are readily available locally, and that the rugged design keeps failures to a minimum.

After more than 20 years and thousands of units in the market we have learned the art of optimizing design. Through superior manufacturing techniques (Design For Manufacturing) we have been able to produce equipment that is very reliable and competitive in the market. It takes a lot of listening to customers and application of engineering resources to produce a product that is simple to manufacture, maintain, and repair.


We are in it for the long term with our customers.  That means not just providing products that last a long time but also developing an alliance with them.  While we pride ourselves on outstanding customer support and training we try to be great listeners as well.  Most of our product improvements and new product ideas have come from listening and acting on what we hear.


Heat King started with the introduction to market of the HK500 now classified as an HK 600, the most powerful system at the time, and then followed with the HK150 and the HK300. In response to growth of the Oil and Gas Industry, we subsequently developed the option of LP/NG for the HK300 and HK600, these are build to order units. Complementarily, and due to the larger heating capacity required in such Industry, in 2016 we introduced “The Cube” a 1.5 million BTU/hr unit. With easy set-up, simple controls, redundant safety systems and ability to pump up 30 stories it really is the industry leader in terms of power and flexibility.

We have more exciting projects in development right now, so keep checking back as we introduce more cutting-edge products.