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Ground Thawing Capacity 5,600 ft²
Concrete Curing Capacity 11,200 ft²
Temporary Heating Capacity 12,000 ft²
Heater Capacity 273,000 BTUH Heating Fuel Input
Field Hoses 4 - 700 ft
Run Time Up to 120 Hours
Length (From Hitch) 12 ft
Width 80 in
Height 80 in
Manifolds (Supply & Return) 4 - 5/8" & 1 - 1 1/4" quick connect
Electrical Requirements 1 - 120V AC 20A Circuit
Glycol Tank Capacity 96 US GAL
Fuel Tank Capacity 192 US GAL
Weight (Fuel Tank Full/Empty) 4,700 / 6,080 lbs
HK300 Heat King

Tamarack Industries presents the Heat King Mobile Glycol Heating System - a faster way to prepare foundation sites and cure concrete in cold weather. Heat King also saves on labor, speeds preparation and lowers energy costs by as much as 80%.

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The Heat King uses only centrifugal pumps for the field and circulation loops. Safer than positive displacement pumps, they are engineered to eliminate dangerous pressure situations.

A powerful 290,000 BTUH burner. By using a coil for the heat exchanger, we are more durable and rugged than the competion who use boilers meant to be stationary.

The Heat King's trailer features a rugged uni-body design and 5000lb torsion axle for better towing. All doors can be locked during operation protecting the Heat King and any tools or equipment inside from tampering or theft.

The Heat King's powered reel holds all 2800 feet of hose. Operation is controlled by a heavy duty CSA & UL approved foot switch leaving the hands free to control the hose.

Precise Digital Temperature Control

The Heat King features digital temperature control and monitoring. With a touch of the button on the control panel, the Heat King's output temperature can be changed in increments of 1 anywhere between 0-180 F.

User Friendly Control Panel

All Heat King control panels feature large switches that can easily be used even with winter gloves on. The panel has a large emergency stop button that immediately stop all functions of the Heat King and a ground fault interrupt (GFI) breaker protect the entire system.